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Welcome to Jyväs-Parkki Ltd’s website. We are a main parking service company in city of Jyväskylä. We operate in ten parking garages and via street parking places in center of Jyväskylä.

Using our parking garages is easy. Just drive to incoming barrier and press a button to get a parking ticket. The barrier rises and you can drive in and choose any empty parking space for your car. Please remember to take the parking ticket with you! When you are ready to leave, just go to an automatic cashbox, put the ticket in and make a payment. In many places you can pay also with a bank / credit card (equipped with a chip). After the payment take the ticket back and drive towards outgoing barrier. If there is a registration number recognition system in the parking garage, the barrier will rise automatically. If not, put the ticket inside the machine to get the way open.

We have many affordable and practical products for regular parking. For example Kuukausikortti – a parking card for month(s). With the card you can store your car inside the garage as long as the card is valid. And of course you can use your car during this time, it won`t be chained to the place! The shortest time for the card is one month and a price is 75 – 110 €/month depending on the garage. If you buy the card to be valid for one year (12 months), the price is 825 € – 1210 € depending on the garage. The parking card won`t indicate you a certain parking space from the garage. You can use whatever place is unoccupied. After the first purchase you can continue the period of validity by do-it-yourself style. There are automatic cashboxes inside the garage and with these machines it is possible to buy extra time.

Please note: The above mentioned information concerning the parking card for month(s) is practically out of date since 1st of November 2021. After that you are able to buy a parking contract in Moovy application ( that allows you to park 24/7 in a certain parking garage. You can also use the application for a short-term parking in various parking garages and on the streets around Finland!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to take a contact to our customer service unit.

Väinönkatu 8
40100 Jyväskylä
Opening hours from Monday to Thursday 8:00 – 16:30, on Friday 8:00 – 14:30.

Phone +358 20 743 6830